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Im bewährten Kurskonzept der 21-Tage-Reihe erfahren Sie einfach alles, was once guy zur Java 2 Plattform wissen muss: von der Java-Syntax über OOP bis zur GUI-Programmierung mit Swing. In der zusätzlichen Bonuswoche der Neuauflage werden überdies die Themen Environments, Applets, Accessibility, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, XML und mehr behandelt.

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You will get a list of help topics associated with the Forms Designer, how to add controls to a form, and similar topics. 7 shows what this list will look like. Feel free to click around on various IDE windows and watch the dynamic help change. Just realize that the Dynamic Help feature does consume some resources. On more powerful computers, this will not be a big deal, but it could be a problem on machines with slow processors or too little RAM. 7 The Dynamic Help window. Along the left side of the IDE are two sideways tabs.

It is the way to create applications with a Windows interface, using forms and controls. NET. • Class Library—This project type allows you to create classes that will be used in other applications. Think of it as similar to the COM components that you have been building, which VB6 called the ActiveX DLL and ActiveX EXE project types. • Windows Control Library—This project type is for creating what used to be called ActiveX controls. This type allows you to create new controls to be used in Windows applications.

NET, the code is added as a tab in the work area. vb. You have a lot of code in this window, and it’s code that you haven’t seen before. 10. Notice that I have turned on line numbers just for easier referencing. If you want to turn on line numbers as well, go to Tools, Options. Expand the Text Editor node and choose Basic. Check the Line Numbers check box. 03 2203-x CH02 5/25/01 9:58 AM Page 32 3 2 C h a p t e r 2 : Yo u r F i r s t V B . 10 The code window shows a significant amount of code before you even start typing.

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