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By Berit Brogaard

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What are the issues that we assert, think, and hope? The orthodox view between philosophers is eternalism: those are contents that experience their truth-values perpetually. temporary Truths offers the 1st book-length exposition and protection of the opposing view, temporalism: those are contents that may swap their truth-values besides adjustments on this planet. Berit Brogaard argues that temporal contents are contents and propositions within the complete experience. This venture comprises an intensive research of ways we discuss and preserve psychological states over the years, an exam of ways the phenomenology of psychological states endure at the content material of psychological states, an research of the way we move on details in temporally prolonged conversations, and a revival of a Priorian stressful good judgment. The view indicates a broader view in keeping with which a few different types of illustration have a determinate truth-value in basic terms relative to good points concerning the topic who does the representing. If this view is correct, profitable semantic illustration calls for a watch on our personal place on the planet.

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To get to temporalism from the two theses stated earlier we must add at least the clause that some of our propositional attitudes have temporal contents as their objects. On a minimalist view of propositions, temporalism can be stated as follows: 17 Of course, in a different sense every proposition is complete. In this sense, a complete proposition just means a truth-evaluable proposition. 20 Transient Truths Temporalism T1. Content Invariance: Some sentences lacking time adverbials express the same proposition at different times.

22 The benefits of treating ‘S believes that’ as an intensional (or strictly speaking, hyperintensional) operator will be set forth in Chapter 6. To avoid the implication that belief is closed under consequence, an additional clause is required on the right-hand side of the truth-condition (see Chalmers, forthcoming): ‘S believes that p’ in c iff for all worlds w compatible with what S believes at the world of c, @, and the time of c, t*, p is true at w, t*, and ‘p’ counts as an adequate description of what S believes at @ and t* in c.

The temporalist has not offered us an explanation. 2. RECENT DEBATE Richard’s objection to temporalism has caused quite a lot of debate. Before offering my rejoinder to Richard and challenges for eternalism, a brief account of the literature on Argument A is in order. 3 Consider Argument (A), repeated from above: (A) Mary once believed that Nixon was president. Mary still believes everything she once believed. Therefore, Mary believes that Nixon is president. Recall that (A) and related arguments present great difficulties for temporalism, because temporalism takes Mary to have believed the temporally unspecified proposition that Nixon is president.

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