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By Andersen Prunty

ISBN-10: 1933929847

ISBN-13: 9781933929842

The foremost journal of the bizarro style. factor one positive factors the novella "The intercourse Beast of Scurvy Island" through Andersen Prunty, brief fiction via Jordan Krall, Bruce Taylor, Garrett cook dinner, and Michael James Gibbs, comics via Andrew Goldfarb and Jeremy Kemp, articles through Mykle Hansen and Bradley Sands, a focus on writer Gina Ranalli, The Wonderland Books Awards, BizarroCon document, and extra!

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Coyle repeated the same thing but Smitty said nothing but instead pointed his own gun towards the Indian camp. Then he pulled his bonnet off. His scalp was hairless and covered in the same red tattoos as Coyle had on his face. Calamaro saw a group of young Indians slowly approaching him, hunched over. Some carried hatchets while others carried heavy sticks. ” Calamaro was in no mood for their honorable attempts at chivalry. Those three strangers had already kidnapped a few young girls without any trouble at all so what did those Indian braves thing they were going to do now?

The man, now blind, slowly walks around the desk holding on to its smooth wooden edge for reference. He successfully steps down from the curb, gets on his hands and knees, and searches for his eyes. Cars skid to abrupt stops causing a chain of collisions. Once he finds his eyes, the man stands up and rolls them around in his hand like Chinese Healing Balls before popping them back into their sockets. He looks around at the angry shouting drivers and smoking dented cars. “I got my eyes,” he says.

There was going to be trouble; he knew it. He walked back into the village. The old Indian did not look surprised when he saw Calamaro approach him. “You would be back. ” He pointed to the southeast. ” “Back? ” The old Indian looked tired. “They came. ” Calamaro knew that was right. He did not recall seeing any firearms when he was in the Indian camp. ” They were probably ex-soldiers, Calamaro thought. They were plenty of men who had fought in the war and had neither the means nor the desire to settle down to live a civilian life.

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