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Then in fJ 0 CI it is fJ, the mapping on the left, that is applied first, because x(fJ 0 CI) = (XfJ)CI. Although we shall consistently write mappings on the left, it is important when reading other sources to take note of which convention is being followed. PROBLEMS _____________________________________________________ Leta, fJ,and y be mappingsjrom Zto 1, defined by a(n) = 2n, fJ(n) = n + I, and yen) = n 2 . 6. Also determine the image in each case. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Prove that if a : S -+ T, then a 0 LS = a and LT 0 a = a.

1 we observed that composition is an operation on this set G, and we also verified everything needed to show that this gives a group. S. Let A denote the set of all mappings CXa,b : JR. , as defined in Example 4,2. , a =F 0, and CXa,b(X) = ax + b for each x E lR.. 2. 6(a)]. 9. ) denote the set of all 2 x 2 real matrices together with addition as the operation. ) is a group. 10. ) denote the set of all 2 x 2 real matrices with nonzero determinant. ), with matrix multiplication, is a group. This is called the general linear group of 2 x 2 matrices over R It contains only matrices with nonzero determinant so that each matrix will have an inverse.

If S is a finite set, then we can specify an operation on S by means of a table, similar to the addition and multiplication tables used in beginning arithmetic. We first form a square, and then list the elements of S across the top and also down the left-hand side. For an operation *, we put a * b at the intersection of the (horizontal) row with a at the left and the (vertical) column with b at the top. 1, u v = w, v u = v, and so forth. Any way of filling in the nine spaces in the square, with entries chosen from the set {u, v, w}, will define an operation on {u, v, w}.

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