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Peirce's clinical Metaphysics is the 1st e-book dedicated to knowing Charles Sanders Peirce's (1839-1914) metaphysics from the viewpoint of the clinical questions that stimulated his considering. whereas providing a close account of the clinical principles and theories crucial for figuring out Peirce's metaphysical procedure, this ebook is written in a fashion obtainable to the non-specialist.

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5 To correct this misunderstanding, Peirce restated the law of energy conservation thusly: The true substance of the law is that the accelerations, or rates of change, of the motions of the particles at any instant depend solely on 35 36 Peirce’s Scientific Metaphysics their relative positions at those instants. The equation which expresses the law under this form is a differential equation of the second order; that is, it involves the rates of change of the rates of change of positions, together with the positions themselves.

Here again, it looks as though the law of vis viva and the law of energy are equivalent expressions, for as we have said, 33 34 Peirce’s Scientific Metaphysics the conservation of energy can also be seen as a generalization of the law of vis viva. A final and perhaps more direct argument for identifying the two is to note that Peirce defined energy, in mechanics, as one half the vis viva. We should be able, then, to substitute vis viva for energy in the law of energy. Having said all this, however, we must note that at times, Peirce clearly uses the phrase law of energy to mean the law of the conservation of energy.

Peirce is extending a loose version of this recapitulationist thesis to apply between human mental development and the evolution of the cosmos. The development of the infantile mind from a chaotic and unruly assemblage of feelings and emotions to that of the orderly and rational, rule-following mature mind reflects in essential respects the very evolution of the cosmicmind system itself. It is the age-old story of order out of chaos. That Peirce would base his hypothesis of the universe’s development on the example of the idealist theory of the Absolute is a concrete expression of his confessed sympathy for Schelling’s Naturphilosophie.

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