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Vv1T68ETOS, aV'TOLS €fOEm. S,,' aVTwv Tijv pl803ov 7TOLOVplVl} (510 B). He makes fLa81JfLaTLKd objects of a faculty, S,avota, intermediate between Soga and vovs (5II DJ, and according to the doctrine of V. , where l"'UT~I"7J and 86ga were distinguished, different faculties have different objects. Again, v07JUtS: Soga in the Line:: vovs : Plato's language. LETa apxf}s. e. after ascending to the dp~ just spoken of-seems preferable. And in VII. 533 B, the mathematical sciences, so long as they leave unmoved the hypotheses they use, are said to dream "

What I have been saying refers to the derivation of the Ideas from principles more ultimate. There is the problem also of the relation of the Ideas to each other when derived. The dialectician will understand this also. Plato in his dialogues indicates to us various ways in which these relations may be traced. But before coming to them, I should like to make here some general remarks about the doctrine of Ideas. CHAPTER VI THE DOCTRINE OF IDEAS AND THE RELATION OF IDEAS TO EACH OTHER T HOUGH the words ,loos and lata occur often in untechnical senses, yet as technical terms they mean to Plato the common nature of many particulars, or what we call a universal.

Viii. lo8S bS-21). He is discussing not the Idea-numbers indeed, but mathematical number. 2 But the many units of arithmetic are not each allT6 T6

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