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By Russell T. Hurlburt, Eric Schwitzgebel

ISBN-10: 0262083663

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"In the Socratic discussion culture hired via Plato and by means of Galileo for studying medical questions and the suitability of latest tools for information assortment, it is a not easy contribution. do we flow past the discredited introspectionism of early experiences of unsleeping event with a strategy just like the systematic experience-sampling equipment that experience emerged some time past 4 many years? Investigators of the problems of measuring ongoing concept and neuroscientists utilizing mind imaging know-how to check the character of human making plans, wishing and reminiscing will savor the cautious analyses offered through the authors."--Jerome L. Singer, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Yale collage (Jerome Singer )

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To undermine all such potential responses generally requires more work (and more empirical work) than is possible in a typical philosopher’s example, and definitive refutation may be out of reach—an infallibilist can always insist that the behavioral and physiological evidence is misleading. justifiably override one’s own introspective judgments. Churchland (1988) offers a typical thought experiment of the sort many have found convincing: You have been touched on the back nineteen times with a hot poker.

Does the DES-apprehended inner experience of Chuck faithfully mirror his inner experience? Does the DESapprehended inner experience of Dolores faithfully mirror her inner experience? And so on. If the answer to many of those sub-questions is Yes, then we can perform the true inductive generalization and conclude that the DES-apprehended inner experiences of many subjects mirror their inner experiences. I have performed many DES investigations, and my answer to most of those inductive questions about them are “Yes, yes, yes, yes .

Thread: Bracketing presuppositions. 3. Thread: Human similarity and difference. 3. A Satisfactory Introspective Method? 39 experience seemed compellingly accurate. If seriously disturbed individuals can be faithfully accurate reporters of experience, healthy individuals should be able to be at least as accurate. When I consider the many subjects I have examined with DES, some as dramatically compelling as Fran and Robert, I see little choice in believing that DES is about the exploration of inner experience, not merely about the reports of inner experience.

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Describing Inner Experience?: Proponent Meets Skeptic (Bradford Books) by Russell T. Hurlburt, Eric Schwitzgebel

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