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It is a newly revised, serious textual content of the fragments attributed to the Roman knight and mimographer Decimus Laberius, a witty and crudely satirical modern of Cicero and Caesar. Laberius may be the main celebrated comedian playwright of the overdue Republic, and the fragments of performs attributed to him contain the overpowering majority of the extant proof for what we conventionally name 'the literary Roman mime'. the amount additionally incorporates a survey of the features and improvement of the Roman mime, either as a literary style and as a kind of renowned theatrical leisure, in addition to a second look of where of Laberius' paintings inside its old and literary context. this is often the 1st English translation of the entire fragments, and the 1st exact English remark on them from a linguistic, metrical, and (wherever attainable) theatrical standpoint.

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They contain collations of the MSS of Macrobius’ Saturnalia by R. A. Kaster, who is currently preparing a new edition of this text for the OCT series. I revised all my sections on Macrobius’ text in accordance with Kaster’s excellent research. The titles of the papers and their version numbers are as follows: ‘A collation of British Library Cotton Vit. C. III and Vatican Palatinus latinus  (Macrobius’ “Saturnalia”)’, version ; ‘Four manuscripts of Macrobius’ “Saturnalia”’, version ; ‘A collation of Cambridge Corpus Christi College  (Macrobius “Saturnalia”)’, version ; ‘A neglected witness to Macrobius’ “Saturnalia”’, version ; and ‘The medieval tradition of Macrobius’ “Saturnalia”’, version , which contains a revised stemma of the MSS of the Saturnalia.

Call Ëp»qesiv (mimes with a complicated plot needing a lot of equipment) and pa©gnion (mime-sketches too obscene to be enacted at banquets): m±mo© tin”v e«sin, æn toÆv m•n Ëpoq”seiv toÆv d• pa©gnia kaloÓsin. ‰rm»zein d ì oÉd”teron o²mai sumpos©wi g”nov, t‡v m•n Ëpoq”seiv di‡ t‡ mžkh tän dram†twn kaª t¼ duscoržghton, t‡ d• pa©gnia poll v g”monta bwmoloc©av kaª spermolog©av. It is unlikely that this distinction, which is not attested elsewhere, applied to The mother-in-law (or to any other mime).

Hall and R. , New Directions in Ancient Pantomime (Oxford ).  Diomedes was not a theatrical critic and was in no position to ascertain what mime was like centuries before his time. His definition contains information which could easily have been obtained from performances of his own era, or could have been copied from his unacknowledged Greek source. There is no mention of the religious context of mime-performances, of the maskless appearance of mime-actors, of the employment of women for female roles, of the unrealistic and grotesque presentation  Diomedes De arte gramm.

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