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The speed of bits passing under the head (sequential transfer rates), determined by spin speed and bit density, this largely determines the maximum data rate for reading or writing sequential data (no seek, no head movement from track to track involved). This section seeks to demystify storage performance, so let’s take a look at the various components of performance, zero in on the components that really move the needle, and consciously eliminate the stuff that does not matter. Let’s start by debunking a prevalent myth: Hard drive performance is NOT largely determined by spin speed or by the hard drive interface (SATA, SAS, FC).

We’ll discover how to establish your own relevant criteria, applicable to your shop, rather than buying into those one-dimensional talking points. To be fair, to counterbalance the self-serving people; the data center storage industry has no shortage of good folks whose first instinct is to make things right with the customer. The techniques and approaches we’ll cover will help you clearly identify those good folks in the industry, in contrast to the other kind. 2 Metrics for the Basic Building Block: Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Devices For HDD building blocks, our approach is to structure a decision-making process around key metrics: price, performance, power, and capacity.

The task of adding SAN capacity for growth is significantly easier with a consolidated storage pool. Planning is easier to manage, spare hard drives is a simpler task. Sprawl, hardware spares A variety of DAS systems consumes more rack space, more floor space, more power, more A/C. Consolidated SAN storage consumes less rack space, less floor space, less power, less A/C. Simpler cabling, too. The cost and complexity of cabling and cable troubleshooting is increased too. Backup efficiency Backups for many individual server DAS arrays are highly labor intensive, and tape management is problematic.

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