Collapse: Philosophical Research and Development:. Numerical - download pdf or read online

By Robin James Mackay (Editor)

ISBN-10: 0955308704

ISBN-13: 9780955308703

ISBN-10: 0955308704

ISBN-13: 9780955308704

Editorial advent via Robin Mackay
Philosophy, Sciences, arithmetic: Interview with Alain Badiou
Epistemology as info concept: From Leibniz to Ω through Gregory Chaitin
The Militarization of Peace: Absence of Terror or Terror of Absence? by means of Reza Negarestani
Prime Evolution: Interview with Matthew Watkins
Introduction to ABJAD through ‘Incognitum’
Existential chance: Interview with Nick Bostrom
On the math of depth: A common sense of Self-Belonging by means of Thomas Duzer
Crowds by means of Keith Tilford
Qabbala one zero one by means of Nick Land

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How can we measure this important parameter, without which it is impossible to distinguish between a successful theory and one that is completely unsuccessful? This problem is taken up and I think satisfactorily resolved in the new mathematical theory I call algorithmic information theory. The epistemological model that is central to this theory is that a scientific or mathematical theory is a computer program for calculating the facts, and the smaller the program, the better. The complexity of your theory, of your law, is measured in bits of software: program (bit string) → Computer → output (bit string) theory → Computer → mathematical or scientific facts Understanding is compression!

For any finite set of scientific or mathematical facts, there is always a theory that is exactly as complicated, exactly the same size in bits, as the facts themselves. ) But that doesn’t count, that doesn’t enable us to distinguish between what can be comprehended and what cannot, because there is always a theory that is as complicated as what it explains. A theory, an explanation, is only successful to the extent to which it compresses the number of bits in the facts into a much smaller number of bits of theory.

And you have to use decimal digits, you can’t use binary digits. You number all the possible finite strings of French symbols including blanks and periods, which is quite easy to do using a computer. ] Geometrically a real number is the most straightforward thing in the world, it’s just a point on a line. That’s quite natural and intuitive. But arithmetically, that’s another matter. The situation is quite different. From an arithmetical point of view reals are extremely problematical, they are fraught with difficulties!

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