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By Abra Taylor

ISBN-10: 0373700059

ISBN-13: 9780373700059

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For the first time Maeva sighed heavily and then jumped to her feet, good humor at once restored. “ What an extraordinary conversation, thought Marisa. And yet, with the sun and the surf and the sight of Maeva casting the net and the squeal of children playing sticks and stqnes nearby, it seemed less insane than she would have believed a week ago. True, even in other parts of the world bearing a child out of wedlock was not the stigma it once had been. Nevertheless, Marisa’s upbringing had made her assume that Maeva was married… that Maeva would want to be married, and that Uma, too, would want her daughter married with a child’s arrival imminent.

But the thought of her was shadowy, without substance, as if she were a person not quite real. She seemed to have no relationship to Antoine de Vigny, to Ta’aroa, to the things Marisa had seen since coming here. „Why didn’t you go looking for her that last week – instead of taking time to have me investigated? “ His voice became offhand, almost callous. „Why should 1? “ It was Antoine’s turn to remain silent, and eventually Marisa spoke again, finding that the silence grew more intolerable with every passing second.

They must go away. “ His voice was a shade louder this time; it was becoming harder to pretend. The hand moved to her temples, smoothing small strands away from the skin. Her insides screamed. “ The texture of his voice had gone rough, rough and soft at the same time, like toweling. “ Her eyes came open, because pretense was no longer possible. Antoine had lowered his powerful frame to the sand beside her. He was close, so close that she could feel his breath warming her shoulder, so close that to move an inch would be to tempt fate.

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