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This quantity incorporates a new translation of, and remark on, Cicero's protection of Publius Sestius opposed to a cost of public violence. seasoned Sestio is arguably crucial of Cicero's political speeches that live on from the approximately 20 years keeping apart the Speeches opposed to Catiline and the second one Philippic. Its account of contemporary background offers any scholar of Rome with a desirable means into the interval; its depiction of public conferences, demonstrations, and violence are hugely pertinent to the present debate at the position of "the crowd in Rome within the past due Republic"; the speech is additionally among the finest introductions we need to conventional Republican values and ethics in motion.

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18 Introduction for proceeding as he did. 40 Sestius was charged under a law governing acts of ‘public violence’ (lex Plautia de vi). Such legislation came fairly late to Roman public law. The Wrst attested prosecution under the lex Plautia, that of Catiline, dates to 63 (Sall. Cat. 31. 4). The law itself probably dates to 70, and in any case succeeded and extended the law of 78 passed by the consul Quintus Lutatius Catulus (lex Lutatia) in response to the insurrection of his colleague, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus.

Then, instead of accompanying Antonius as he marched north to face Catiline in Etruria, Sestius was Wrst sent by Cicero on a military mission to secure Capua (9), only later catching up with Antonius before the Wnal battle with Catiline at Pistoria (12). 36 When Antonius went oV to govern Macedonia after Catiline’s defeat, Sestius went with him as proquaestor and (it appears) continued to serve as Cicero’s conWdential informant; yet he evidently found the duty more to his liking than anticipated—indeed, in December 62 Cicero registered surprise that Sestius was now as keen to remain in province as he previously had been keen to return.

35 On the military tribunate see the Glossary and 7 military tribune n. 16 Introduction have done, winning a place as a quaestor for 63 in the elections held in 64 (8–12). The quaestors were the ‘detail men’ of Republican administration, assigned by lot to supervise the treasury or grain supply or water supply, or to serve as seconds to the consuls in Rome or to the former magistrates who governed the various provinces. Sestius was assigned to Cicero’s colleague as consul in 63, Gaius Antonius.

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