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By Ian M. Stead

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The Celtic-speaking Britons who inhabited England, Wales, and a part of Scotland within the years ahead of the start of Christ left no written background. besides the fact that, archaeology has printed a few of their creative achievements, and each yr extra gadgets are unearthed. jewellery, guns, armor, and the steel fittings of chariots and harnesses are magnificently embellished with attention-grabbing and robust summary designs.

during this absolutely revised and up-to-date variation of his hugely praised research, Stead examines the Celtic craftsmen's ideas and describes a couple of their surviving masterpieces, similar to the Battersea safeguard and the Aylesford bucket.

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In In Britain torques are absent from graves. The Yorkshire inhuma- tions have bead necklaces instead, and the La Tene III cremations south-eastern England resemble contemporary cremations in in northern France and the Rhineland and have no torques. But their absence from graves does not for there is mean that they were not a rich collection of material - worn by some of the often gold - Britons, from other sources. Cold torques must have been valuable always, and thus vulnerable: when Ilrrv they were broken, damaged melted down, and u or unfashionable they would have been hardly surprising that they are noi found in graves.

Such brooches were usuall) bronze, and the pro tot v |X-s were made in one pio c. he- del Orative bod) i;< I I Celtic Art would be cast; then a projection from the head would be hammered and drawn into a long wire to farm the spring and pin. The spring was coiled first to the right of the bow and then to the left, always in the same way so that the pin was engaged in a catch-plate on the left side of the brooch. From the catch-plate extends a foot which turns back to the bow both foot and bow are sometimes decorated in the original casting -; foot, provision is made for an applied knob of coral or 'enamel' inlaw Iron brooches were made to the same pattern, but were entirely forged and not cast.

Bv the lost-wax process and are another: the difference slightlv different from one quite deliberate in that onlv one of is the cows' heads has an outstretched tongue licking its muzzle. From the back of the casting a stout rivet projects to attach the mount to a wooden bucket, and on top of the head is a ring to take the end of the handle. it Feline rsham. bona is The span 46 mm. (see figs 74 and 75] to have presided over a much more potent brew. There are few representations of animals other than cows and bulls, but a fine pair of rams' heads, also bucket escutcheons, was found in what seems to have been a disturbed grave at Harpenden (Herts) [60].

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