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The battery being at a halt, the instructor commands 1. Right is : 1. , 2. MARCH, At the command 3. Front. , the first detachment moves straight to the front, dressing to the left; the other detachments oblique to the right until opposite their places in line, when each marches to the front. As soon as the leading detachment has advanced five yards, the chief of its platoon commands 1. , 2. Halt, 3. Left (or right), 4. Dress; at the fourth command it dresses to the left ; the other detachments halt, and dress to the left upon arriving in line ; the rear ranks close to facing distance upon halting.

Dress, 7. ; Battery, 4. or, 3. Halt, Guide {right left). 103. Marching in column of detachments, commands Form single rank^ rank, the instructor 1. to form single : 2. MARCH. At the second command, the front rank of the leading detachment continues the march the other ranks halt, and successively resume the march when at wheeling distance; the rearmost ; rank having its distance, line is formed as before. 103. In single rank, the relative positions of the ofliicers and non-commissioned officers are the same as when in double rank, and the battery performs, by the same commands and means, all the movements of a double rank.

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