Download e-book for iPad: C#: Your Visual Blueprint for Building .Net Applications by Eric Butow, Thomas Ryan, maranGraphics

By Eric Butow, Thomas Ryan, maranGraphics

ISBN-10: 076453601X

ISBN-13: 9780764536014

I'm relatively dissapointed over this e-book. i presumed it'd be a rookies publication, however it became out to be a e-book with many absurd repetitions and examples which will not assist you with any realizing. it is truly now not a studying publication, yet really small step-by-step tutorials on the right way to do issues.

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Im bewährten Kurskonzept der 21-Tage-Reihe erfahren Sie einfach alles, used to be guy zur Java 2 Plattform wissen muss: von der Java-Syntax über OOP bis zur GUI-Programmierung mit Swing. In der zusätzlichen Bonuswoche der Neuauflage werden überdies die Themen Environments, Applets, Accessibility, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, XML und mehr behandelt.

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If you needed to preserve older versions of data files, it would be relatively easy to read in the wrong version of a serialization file and find that you had lost the latest changes made to an object's data. The only way round this is to provide your own code to check that you are reading the most recently saved data. Thirdly, serialization also has problems with different versions of classes. As described in the previous section it is possible to handle minor changes in a class. However, major changes can result in a serialized file failing to be loaded.

This could be done by defining the readObj ect () method to perform this restoration once the object has been read from an obj ectInputStream. Note that class variables (static variables) are not written as they are part of the class rather than the object. 6 Version control When an object is serialized, information is recorded with that object about the class from which it was created. This enables the correct class to be used to restore the object. This information contains both the fully qualified name of the class and a version number.

For example, if we wished to create a specialized version of the class Ve c tor in order to change the way in which the vector was printed we would need to be able to override the toString () method. However, this method is specified as final (as follows): public final synchronized String toString() This means that it is not possible to sensibly subclass Vector. We must therefore define a completely different class and start from scratch just in order to change the way the vector prints itself as a string!

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C#: Your Visual Blueprint for Building .Net Applications (With CD-ROM) by Eric Butow, Thomas Ryan, maranGraphics

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