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An OCCI environment provides application modes and user-specified memory management functions. The following code example shows how you can create an OCCI environment: Environment *env = Environment::createEnvironment(); All OCCI objects created with the createxxx methods (connections, connection pools, statements) must be explicitly terminated and so, when appropriate, you must also explicitly terminate the environment. The following code example shows how you terminate an OCCI environment. Environment::terminateEnvironment(env); In addition, an OCCI environment should have a scope that is larger than the scope of any objects created in the context of the that environment.

For example: stmt->executeUpdate(“CREATE TABLE basket_tab (fruit VARCHAR2(30), quantity NUMBER)”); and stmt->executeUpdate(“INSERT INTO basket_tab VALUES(‘MANGOES’, 3)”); These are each an example of a standard statement in which you explicitly define the values of the statement. So, in these examples, the CREATE TABLE statement specifies the name of the table (basket_tab), and the INSERT statement stipulates the values to be inserted (‘MANGOES’, 3). Parameterized Statements You can execute the same statement with different parameters by setting placeholders for the input variables of the statement.

It is also the standard language used to access and manipulate data in modern relational and object-relational database systems. In a procedural language program, the execution of most statements depends on previous or subsequent statements and on control structures, such as loops or conditional branches, which are not available in SQL. The procedural nature of these languages makes them more complex than SQL, but it also makes them very flexible and powerful. The combination of both nonprocedural and procedural language elements in an OCCI program provides easy access to an Oracle database in a structured programming environment.

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