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15 3 The basic execution character set and the basic execution wide-character set shall each contain all the members of the basic source character set, plus control characters representing alert, backspace, and carriage return, plus a null character (respectively, null wide character), whose representation has all zero bits. For each basic execution character set, the values of the members shall be non-negative and distinct from one another. In both the source and execution basic character sets, the value of each character after 0 in the above list of decimal digits shall be one greater than the value of the previous.

Comment] The characters /* start a comment, which terminates with the characters */. These comments do not nest. The characters // start a comment, which terminates with the next new-line character. If there is a form-feed or a vertical-tab character in such a comment, only white-space characters shall appear between it and the new-line that terminates the comment; no diagnostic is required. [ Note: The comment characters 16) These include “digraphs” and additional reserved words. The term “digraph” (token consisting of two characters) is not perfectly descriptive, since one of the alternative preprocessing-tokens is %:%: and of course several primary tokens contain two characters.

5. 4. 3 Every program shall contain exactly one definition of every non-inline function or variable that is odr-used in that program; no diagnostic required. The definition can appear explicitly in the program, it can be found 26) An implementation is not required to call allocation and deallocation functions from constructors or destructors; however, this is a permissible implementation technique. 8). An inline function shall be defined in every translation unit in which it is odr-used. 4 Exactly one definition of a class is required in a translation unit if the class is used in a way that requires the class type to be complete.

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C++ International Standard (ISO IEC 14882:2011) by ISO IEC JTC 1 SC 22 WG 21

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