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A megabyte (MB) is 220 bytes (or if you prefer 2 10 KB) and can store a lot of information. Finally, a gigabyte (GB) is 230 bytes. Primary Memory Primary memory is where instructions and data are stored while the computer is running. 4 shows, the primary memory of a computer is organized as a collection of directly addressable memory locations where each memory location is capable of storing 16, 32, or 64 bits depending on the type of processor being used. Every available memory location has its own distinct address that can be used by a program running on the processor to refer to that location when its contents are required or are about to be changed.

Add W'iiP Reference... 23 Selecting the Rebuild option causes Visual Studio to compile the source code ofthe project. 2 . NET ------ 3 ~ Preparing re .. ource.... Opdaelng reterence .... Pertorming main compilaelon ... Build compleee -- 0 error .. , a uarning .. Building 5aeelliee as .. emblie ..... ---------------------- Done ---------------------Rebuild All: 1 .. 24 After the build completes, the Output window should appear as shown . - HelloWorld· Microsoft Visual C# . NET [design]· Class1 .

This binary representation of machine instructions is referred to as machine code or machine language. The code numbers used to represent each instruction are defined by the type of processor being used. Thus, every type of processor understands its own distinct machine language. 1 shows a machine language program to add two numbers written using Pentium machine language. Each instruction includes not only the code number for that particular instruction but also additional data required by the instruction such as the address of any memory location that it effects or the number of any processor register that it uses.

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