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For these, use the following modified style template. Skills: Fast-Draw (Pistol); Beam Weapons (Pistol); Beam Weapons (Rifle). Techniques: Dual-Weapon Attack (Pistol or Rifle); Fast-Firing (Pistol or Rifle); Quick-Shot (Pistol or Rifle); Targeted Attack (Pistol or Rifle/Hand or Weapon). Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting; Zen Marksmanship (Pistol or Rifle). Cinematic Techniques: Whirlwind Attack (Pistol). Perks: Fastest Gun in the West (Pistol); Gun Shtick (Twirl); Gun Whisperer (Pistol or Rifle); Infinite Ammunition; Lightning Fingers (Pistol or Rifle); OffHand Weapon Training (Pistol or Rifle); Quick Reload (Magazine); Quick-Sheathe (Pistol); Weapon Bond.

160) is to be added to a pistol that is not designed to mount one. Such small gunsmithing jobs can be done by succeeding with an unmodified Armoury (Small Arms) roll. CONVERTING A LONG ARM INTO A BULLPUP Most ordinary long arms can be modified into the so-called bullpup configuration, that is a shape in which the trigger is moved forward of the action. This changes the balance of the weapon and reduces the length. However, it also means that the weapon can no longer be used left-handed (or righthanded, if so constructed), as the cases will be ejected into the face of the shooter.

Converting semiautos to full-auto fire requires an Armoury (Small Arms) skill roll. Assign a penalty depending on the weapon’s basic design (which the GM may need to determine through research). For example, converting a Winchester M1 carbine (High-Tech, p. 113) or certain open-bolt pistols such as the original semiautomatic Intratec TEC-9 (High-Tech, p. 101) is a favorable task, with a +1 difficulty modifier (p. B345). I got the idea from a French gunsmith named LeMat. Think of it, Johnny – a seven-shooter!

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