Download e-book for iPad: Boxer's Start-Up: A Beginner?s Guide to Boxing (Start-Up by Doug Werner

By Doug Werner

ISBN-10: 1884654096

ISBN-13: 9781884654091

A hassle-free, hugely illustrated, trouble-free boxing advisor that promotes enjoyable, health, self-defense, and self-confidence. recommended by way of united states Boxing, nationwide governing physique for beginner boxing.

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39 Basic Punches From overhead it’s easy to see the mighty torque of a properly executed hook. 40 Chapter Four (like I’m hugging him high around the neck). Like all punches, the hook accelerates as it tracks to the target, the fist clenches before impact and is sharply returned to the guard position along with everything else that went for the ride. Remember, recovery is everything. Punches should never hang. Punches SNAP! , recovery. Load up Accelerate SNAP! 41 Basic Punches Left Uppercut Uppercuts are stock and staple for inside fighting and are thrown with power coming from the legs and torso.

Feel your back get into this one. The punch should accelerate and explode as the right heel of your pivoting foot swings outward. After impact the hand is sharply returned to guard. 35 Basic Punches The back definitely gets behind a right. Note the ninety degree sweep of the shoulders. 36 Chapter Four Because of the weight transfer involved, the straight right is considered a power punch. But the weight transfer is also the weakness of power punches because for a nano-second the boxer is without a balanced boxer’s stance, and is therefore somewhat exposed.

Getting it together in front of the mirror may take some time. Developing an inner beat is a personal thing, and combined with the stepping and punching, gets a little tricky. But keep at it. Good form goes hand in hand with technical proficiency. Getting it right will enhance your skills and looking sharp builds self-confidence. 52 Chapter Six: Application: Whaling on the Heavy Bag Shadowboxing is great training, but hammering on the heavy bag is all that and more. It’s a mighty workout, terrific for sharpening and strengthening punches and a wonderful release of tension.

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