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It should be obvious from the figure that there is a line of symmetry and due to this symmetry, sometimes we plot spectral magnitude with the values from 0 to (Fs/2) rather than up to Fs. Please click the advert Student Discounts + Student Events + Money Saving Advice = Happy Days! 2, the frequency abscissa will be from 0 to 3 Hz. (N/2) (the rest of N/2 points are not plotted due to symmetry in frequency domain). 0. 2) showing range up to Fs/2. 2 Discrete Fourier transform DFT can be used to perform Fourier analysis of discrete-time signals.

13. As the frequency spacing is 10 Hz14, to avoid the picket fence effect, we pad the signal with 20 zeros and compute the spectrum. e. A=B=1). 13: Combined sine wave (a) for length N=20 (b) spectral magnitude with 20 padded zeros. DFT generated spectrum will work properly only if there is at least one complete cycle of the signal. Hence, we need to use at least 40 points (since 5 Hz signal completes a cycle in 40 points with Fs=200 Hz). 14 that has been generated with N=40 which shows both the peaks correctly at frequency numbers 1 and 4.

3 Basic Discrete-time System Operations There are several common operations that we’ll frequently encounter for discrete-time systems and we’ll look at a few here. x[n] . 2) It is frequently used in windowing, where a discrete-time finite signal y[n] is obtained from a discrete-time infinite signal x[n] using a window, w[n]. 5: Product operation. 2 Addittion Addition operation can be performed as given below to add two sequences, y[n] x[n]  w[n] . 6: Addition operation. 4) Ax[n] . 7: Multiplication operation.

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