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By Jay Kappraff

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This ebook contains essays that stand on their lonesome yet also are loosely hooked up. half I records how numbers and geometry come up in different cultural contexts and in nature: the traditional musical scale, share in structure, historical geometry, megalithic stone circles, the hidden pavements of the Laurentian library, the shapes of the Hebrew letters, and the shapes of organic kinds. the point of interest is on how convinced numbers, equivalent to the golden and silver potential, current themselves inside of those structures. half II exhibits what percentage of a similar numbers and quantity sequences are with regards to the fashionable mathematical learn of numbers, dynamical structures, chaos, and fractals.

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In other words, growth measures can be viewed as double geometric series seen in perspective. , the growth measure is the identity transformation.

This relationship can be understood by looking at the undulating pattern of a river as it traverses the landscape and comparing it with the meandering course of a snake slithering along the Earth. There are many different tribal groups, each with its own interlocking myths which direct them along paths that often cross. The underpinning of tribal unity is, however, that the territory is conceived of as a network of sacred centers that represent the campsites along the wandering snakelike paths.

The center is the point of contact with dreamtime; the concentric circles represent the primordial campsite, the path leading to it signifies the present time; the movement of ascent and descent, the sexual act and the male organ. The complex geometrical symbolism also gives a summary picture of the territory. It represents the routes the tribes take in their movement through the territory and the seasons, giving primary attention to the need for water and the relationships between the other tribal groups.

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