New PDF release: Between the Sheets, in the Streets: Queer, Lesbian, Gay

By Chris Holmlund, Cynthia Fuchs

ISBN-10: 0816627746

ISBN-13: 9780816627745

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7 In defining South Carolina (and here, by extension, the South) by its history, Sears engages in a selective memory at once ambiguous and fully conventional. For this "collective history" requires knowledge of many figures and events of which many South Carolinians are undoubtedly unaware, whereas the contributions of poor, black, and female South Carolinians manage to be "less remembered" yet still "collective history" in a (singular) culture whose ethos is antebellum patriarchy. Sears's example suggests how difficult it is to think simultaneously of the particularity of lesbian or gay experience in the South and of the collectivity of Southern culture or history.

9 No on 9's broadcast and cable ads ignored the OCA's condemnation of gay and lesbian sexual behaviors and never asked viewers to reject homophobia or to condone homosexuality. Straight spokespersons instead urged Oregonians to support "human rights" for all Oregonians, guaranteeing freedom from discrimination in employment and housing. One television ad featured the leaders of Oregon's Republican and Democratic Parties uniting to denounce discrimination and the OCA amendment. ) as a grassroots organizing tool designed to reach rural and small-town communities.

After the opening sequence, the documentary cuts to a march against Measure 9 that is reminiscent of black civil rights marches. The marchers carry a banner that says "For Love and Justice" and sing harmoniously. After the singing, a chant is taken up, but instead of the usual "Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Homophobia has got to go," it is "OCA has got to go," identifying the OCA and not homo- 20 ROSALD GREGG phobia as the villain. Instead of the gay pink triangle, a symbol associated with gay persecution and protest, the marchers carry rainbow flags, a symbol suggesting both Utopian dreaming (as in the gay-appropriated song Over the Rainbow] and the harmonious blending of gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation identified with Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition.

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