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Strip comments −s The s option causes pxp to remove all comments from the input text. p can be used to cause pxp to underline all keywords in the output for enhanced readability. Specify indenting unit − [23456789] The normal unit which pxp uses to indent a structure statement level is 4 spaces. By giving an argument of the form −d with d a digit, 2 ≤ d ≤ 9 you can specify that d spaces are to be used per level instead. 8. Pxref The cross-reference program pxref may be used to make cross-referenced listings of Pascal programs.

The include facility is based on that of the UNIX C compiler. To trigger it you can place the character ‘#’ in the first portion of a line and then, after an arbitrary number of blanks or tabs, the word ‘include’ followed by a filename enclosed in single ‘´’ or double ‘"’ quotation marks. The file name may be followed by a semicolon ‘;’ if you wish to treat this as a pseudo-Pascal statement. i’. i" begin { main program } end. PSD:7-38 Berkeley Pascal User´s Manual At the point the include pseudo-statement is encountered in the input, the lines from the included file are interpolated into the input stream.

3. Restrictions and limitations Files Files cannot be members of files or members of dynamically allocated structures. Arrays, sets and strings The calculations involving array subscripts and set elements are done with 16 bit arithmetic. This restricts the types over which arrays and sets may be defined. The lower bound of such a range must be greater than or equal to −32768, and the upper bound less than 32768. In particular, strings may have any length from 1 to 65535 characters, and sets may contain no more than 65535 elements.

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