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By Jason Robillard & Dirk Wierenga

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Exercise caution. indd 27 14/04/12 4:13 PM THE BAREFOOT RUNNING BOOK 28 percent per week or your pace by more than fifteen seconds per mile per week. If you exercise adequate caution, your transition to barefoot running should be smooth and injury-free! STARTING OVER F or regular, long-term shod runners, a big challenge is drastically dialing back the miles upon flipping to barefoot. A common strategy is to keep going with shoes in parallel and wean over to barefoot miles with time. However, once you get going, you probably won’t feel like putting your shoes back on.

Repeat for two or three minutes. You will notice an immediate difference. It will feel as if all the tension is leaving your body. Your arms and legs will start to feel heavier. You’ll notice your heartbeat slows down. indd 29 14/04/12 4:13 PM 30 THE BAREFOOT RUNNING BOOK I like to add some imagery at this point, by visualizing tension flowing down my body, down my arms and legs, and out of my fingers and toes. After a few minutes, slowly open your eyes. Your entire body should feel more relaxed.

First, the peer-reviewed research began to make headlines as it became increasingly clear that the modern running shoe was not meeting the needs of all runners and that the advances in shoe “technology” may have a negative impact on runners’ health. This has led many members of the medical and running communities to question the logic of the modern running shoe. The second major event was the release of Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall. indd 11 14/04/12 4:13 PM 12 THE BAREFOOT RUNNING BOOK shoes and barefoot running.

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