Barbara Pym by Michael Cotsell (auth.) PDF

By Michael Cotsell (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0312020546

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At least I daresay Mr Bevin and Mr Morrison could. Agnes says she is never going to vote Conservative again and I am almost inclined to agree with her except that I keep wondering whatever would father say - and then of course Hughie is a Conservative MP. Tradition dies hard among English spinsters especially where politics are mixed with remembrance of a past love. (MS Pym 12/l-4, fo. 20) This sentimental attachment without belief to conservatism or simply the old ways - is far from the stance of the moreconservative-than-the conservative woman most conspicuously represented today by Margaret Thatcher.

They looked as if they had been left there for many years and abandoned. Or perhaps they were people who at some time long past had intended to go abroad and had then either not wanted to or forgotten all about it, so that they had stayed here ever since, like fossils petrified in stone. (ch. 20) Barbara flees to a friend, and Francis is defeated: 'After a while the old people roused themselves and went upstairs to sleep again. Francis followed them without a murmur. ). '- MS 6/l-3, fo. 103). At any rate, in Crampton Hodnet the Victorian past is not at a poignant distance, as it was in Flora's vision, but is a solid and even vengeful present: 'No, I do not think you will find any change and decay in Leamington Lodge,' said Miss Doggett, smiling.

This sense persists despite the repeated assurances and demonstrations that Jessica is coolly self-possessed. In this respect, there is also a disquieting element in Jessica's relation to the bullying and crushing Miss Doggett, for, rather than producing any revolt in Jessica, it seems to provide her with a kind of reassurance, in so far as it relieves her from the aspiration to a self and any possible illusions. Jessica is in fact dependent on this stalwart representative ofNorth Oxford, as a certain kind of emotionally ill young woman seeks to obscure herself in her mother's world: Miss Morrow walked meekly along by Miss Doggett's side, a comforting neutral thing, without form or sex.

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Barbara Pym by Michael Cotsell (auth.)

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