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By J.A. Konrath


DO no longer learn this booklet until eventually you learn the outline, since you may perhaps simply hate it...

Private Detective Harry McGlade is employed through an Amish girl who suspects her husband is dishonest on her. Going undercover into their neighborhood, Harry needs to untangle an internet of lies and deception to discover the reality. it will be his greatest problem but. simply because Harry McGlade is an idiot.

Lead Harry via a sequence of comedian misadventures and undesirable puns as he traverses the J.A. Konrath universe, popping into many accepted books and tales. arrange to be surprised and surprised via scenes which are simply undeniable wrong.

It's over 60,000 phrases of Harry McGlade, that is most likely manner too much.

WARNING approximately this"Write your personal rattling tale" Adventure 
Banana Hammock isn't really a unmarried, linear publication, and shouldn't be learn sequentially, web page via web page. as a substitute, it's an interactive textual content adventure.

This booklet is intended to be learn out of order, looking on the trail you, the reader, choose.

Harry McGlade is a constant personality within the Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels sequence. on the finish of every part, you choose the place Harry is going, and what he does. via following diverse paths, you could arrive at many alternative endings. There are actually thousands of variations.

You keep an eye on the nature. You regulate the fun.

Join Harry and a solid pulled from JA Konrath and Jack Kilborn tales, and push booklet know-how to the limits of examining entertainment, or whatever like that.

From the Author
This e-book is full of raunchy humor, and has anything to offend every body. when you think there are taboo issues that isn't laughed at or made enjoyable of, do not buy it. as a substitute, decide up certainly one of my different, less-offensive books. but when you're keen on roasting sacred cows, learn on. you are going to laugh. 

If you're a extra delicate (or adventurous) reader, this useful scale premiums particular different types from 1 (lowest) to ten (highest) to provide you a few suggestion if this can be your form of book. 

BANANA HAMMOCK by means of JA Konrath 

Bad Language - 8 
Scary - 1
Violent - 5
Funny - 9
Sexy - 1 
Crossovers - BANANA HAMMOCK beneficial properties cameos from as regards to each personality within the Konrath universe

From the Book
"Hell no, i do not are looking to get your rattling horse," I stated. "I'm an enormous guy, with very important stuff to do, probably."

I grew to become again to fb and endured taking part in Combville--a online game the place you used a digital comb to sweep a digital head of hair, repeatedly and another time until eventually time and lifestyles misplaced all that means and also you puzzled the cause of your birth.

"But Amos will starve! there is not anything to consume in an vehicle pound."

"Your horse is termed Amos?"

She nodded.

"Isn't your husband named Amos as well?"


"You don't believe that is odd?" I asked.

"Not in any respect. yet my brother Amos reveals it strange."

"I promise we are going to get the pony later," I lied. "Right now we have to visit the dress shop."

"For what?" Lulu asked.

"For a kind of simple black matches and an Abe Lincoln beard." I winked. "I'm going undercover as an Amish guy."

To visit the gown store, click on HERE
To hold enjoying Combville, click on HERE

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Please, Mr. McGlade. ” Should Harry take the case? If so, click here. If he should keep playing Combville, click here. “Will you help me, Mr. ” “Hmm? ” I’d gotten into a rhythm, tapping the Combville button in time with my heartbeat. It was almost as much fun as combing hair in real life, without all the hard work. Like having to actually lift a real comb. I’ve always loved hair. Years ago, in a school play, I took the role of Macbeth’s toupee. But it was a bad part. ) “I’m Lulu Coleslaw. I—” “You said that already.

Or jumping off of a high building. Or tying a big rock to your neck and dropping it into a lake. Yes, the fun you can have with immortality is practically limitless. So what are you waiting for? Commit suicide and test your immortality today! *Yes, Smashwords is indeed magic. † **Some restrictions may apply. Immortality may include side effects such as boredom, boring other people, disgust with the lack of quality programming on television, itching, diarrhea, and instant death if you do anything stupid, like the examples noted above.

The worry is, Brother McGlade, we’ve been having some trouble lately. A construction company keeps trying to buy our land. They’ve sent in their heavies to beat us, day and night. Our children, too. ” I glanced at some child on crutches, his eyes red from crying. “Yeah, that’s a real tragedy,” I said. ” Like a good little Ahmlet, he listened to his elder. “And keep the moaning down,” I said. ” “We’ve even gone to the local authorities,” Amos continued, apparently thinking I cared. “But the construction company paid them off.

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