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11 Douhet insists winning future wars requires absolute control of the air. Preventing an enemy air force from flying is the only way to stop an attack. Only air power has this offensive potential, to be realized by striking first. Once command of the air is accomplished, only the bombing of large targets will suffice. ’13 This comprehensive aerial bombing includes explosive, incendiary and poison gas instruments. ’14 Besides wreaking havoc in the target area, for Douhet the purpose of the first ‘death blow’ is to demonstrate to ‘those of least moral resistance’ that unless they quickly capitulate, they face an unopposed and sustained bombing campaign in which there is no separation between civilian and military targets.

11 Talk of ‘nigger shooting’ and ‘rule via the rod of iron’ was rampant whether in relation to British reign in Asia or French and Belgian governance in the African Congo. For the sake of power and the prestige of the imperial order, in dealing with other races all manner of force was to be tolerated. No tactic or instrument of oppression was out of bounds. For example, the Hague Convention of 1899 banned the infamous dum-dum bullet from warfare among the civilized nations. Thus its use was still allowed against the colonial peoples.

Hugh Trenchard The writings of Hugh ‘Boom’ Trenchard, though sparser than those of his Italian and North American contemporaries, add important nuances to strategic bombing theory. ’15 As he witnessed World War One bog down into a frustrating stalemate, grosscup 02 22 2/5/06 8:51 pm Page 22 S T R AT E G I C T E R R O R Trenchard, who was trained in the British military tradition of offensive economic warfare, proposed strategic air attacks on German industry. ’16 Trenchard’s well-earned reputation for pushing the attack, even if it meant great loss of life among his airmen, was consistent with the manly ethos of war fighting.

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