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By Sam Kauffmann

ISBN-10: 0240810805

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I like Avid Media Composer simply because i feel it is the modifying software program of the professionals. yet there are such a lot of assorted elements inside this application that it may be intimidating to profit all you are able to do with this system -- till this ebook.

Kauffmann simplifies complicated modifying concepts and has a clutch of each element of this system. at any time when i've got a tricky query, there is an easy resolution within the ebook. take into account that, I consult with it frequently. To a person who desires to be trained within the number 1 modifying process in the market -- get the number 1 e-book available in the market: this one.

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Selecting and Deselecting Tracks The Track Selector panels are on the left of the Timeline. When you have a clip in the Source Monitor, the Source Track Selector panel appears next to the Record Track Selector panel. Before making any edits, always check to see which tracks are selected before splicing and overwriting. 6, if we were to try to splice the material in the Source Monitor into the sequence, 30 Chapter 2: Basic Editing the sound coming in on tracks A1 and A2 will not get spliced in. Why?

21 Source Monitor and Record Monitor. 22) shows a graphic representation of the shots in your sequence, in track form:V1, A1, A2, A3, A4. The Timeline has Source and Record track selectors, Scale and Scroll bars, and a blue position indicator. 22 16 Position indicator Chapter 1: Getting Started Commands You will instruct the Avid to do what you want through commands. Some of the commands are offered as buttons below the monitors, and some are hidden inside Fast menu buttons (often called hamburgers because of the resemblance).

Now press the “I” key on the keyboard or click the Mark IN command button on the Record Monitor. This puts an IN mark on the Timeline where you want to make your cut. 5. Click anywhere on the Source Monitor to make it active, find a point in the Kate’s Hands, Face—CU clip where you think the cut will work, and mark an IN. Go to the section of the clip just before the camera tilts up to her face and mark an OUT. 22 Chapter 1: Getting Started 6. IMPORTANT: It takes three marks to make an edit, and you now have three—an IN and an OUT in the Source Monitor and an IN in the Timeline, on the TC1 track.

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