Matthew MacDonald; Mario Szpuszta; Vidya Vrat Agarwal's ASP.NET 4. 0 in VB 2010 PDF

By Matthew MacDonald; Mario Szpuszta; Vidya Vrat Agarwal

ISBN-10: 1430225114

ISBN-13: 9781430225119

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Ordinary server-side pages vs. Ajax NOTE It’s generally accepted that Ajax isn’t written in all capitals, because the word is no longer treated as an acronym. NET AJAX. NET AJAX, which is Microsoft’s specific implementation of these concepts. NET continues to plug in new enhancements and refinements. NET web pages as XHTML documents, but there were still a few issues to trip up unsuspecting developers. NET 4 smoothes out the wrinkles and makes clean, quirk-free XHTML the standard. Chapter 3 covers the details.

You’ll explore the Chart control in Chapter 28. NET and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). Along the way, Microsoft managed to introduce a few frills, like the enhanced IntelliSense you’ll learn about in Chapter 2, and the new visual designer that makes designing Silverlight content a breeze (Chapter 34). NET MVC includes support for meaningful, search-engine-friendly URLs. NET 4, you can use the same routing technology to redirect web form requests. Chapter 17 demonstrates this technique. Better deployment tools: Visual Studio now allows you to create web packages, compressed files that contain your application content and other details such as SQL Server database schemas and IIS settings.

With the help of community-created add-ins, you can use Reflector to diagram, analyze, and decompile the IL code in any assembly. If you’re patient and a little logical, you can deconstruct the IL code fairly easily and figure out what’s happening. NET developers. NET code is stored and executed on the server. Because the client never receives the compiled code file, the client has no opportunity to decompile it. If it is a concern, consider using an obfuscator that scrambles code to try to make it more difficult to understand.

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ASP.NET 4. 0 in VB 2010 by Matthew MacDonald; Mario Szpuszta; Vidya Vrat Agarwal

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