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Asconius lived a couple of century after Cicero and wrote commentaries on Cicero's speeches to aid his sons comprehend them. 5 of those have survived. they don't seem to be basically attention-grabbing of their personal correct but additionally supply a mine of knowledge concerning the turbulent background of the Ciceronian age. accordingly they're studied through all those that paintings at the historical past of the ultimate years of the Roman Republic. This quantity brings jointly the unique Latin textual content with a brand new translation and remark, designed for college kids, in addition to indices, a word list, and an entire bibliography.

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89: (What of) the fact that you sent to that populist priestling six hundred allies and tribute-payers for his beast-hunts? It is obvious that P. Clodius is meant. 16C Asconius in Pisonianam 34 CIR. VER. A. NOVIS. )Ecquid vides, ecquid sentis, lege iudiciaria lata, quos posthac iudices simus habituri? Legem iudiciariam ante aliquot annos quibus tempori5 bus accusatus est Verres a Cicerone tulit L. Aurelius Cotta praetor, qua communicata sunt iudicia senatui et equitibus Romanis et tribunis aerariis.

Are you any better read than Piso? I believe you will not know the identity of this Piso. Well there was, as I think we have already said, a Pupius Piso in the same era as Cicero, but sufficiently his senior for Cicero's father to have placed the young Cicero in his care, since there was in him some semblance of the ancient way of life and a wide knowledge of literature—and he was also reckoned a good rather than frequent practitioner of oratory. Yet he was consul two years later than Cicero. He triumphed as proconsul over Spain in the consulship of Q.

Amicos sociosque Cic. Against Piso 33 only unprecedented, but such as I cannot even guess any means at all whereby they might be celebrated hereafter. He alludes to the games of Cn. Pompeius at which he dedicated the theatre which he had constructed. At these games he was the first of all to put on show a battle of elephants in the Circus. Line 560fromthe end In Pis, 68: There is a Greek who lives with him, a person, to tell the truth—for so I have ascertained—of civilized instincts, but he has done so for no longer than he has with others or else by himself.

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