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By Yedida Kalfon Stillman

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This richly illustrated quantity is a historic and ethnographic examine of 1 vital element of Arab and Islamic fabric tradition - garments. whereas partially descriptive, its crucial concentration is at the evolution and modifications of modes of costume during the last 1400 years through the center East, North Africa, and for the center a long time, Islamic Spain. Arab garments is taken care of as a part of an Islamic vestimentary process and is mentioned in the context of the social, non secular, esthetic, and political tendencies of every age.In addition to the 5 ancient chapters, 3 chapters are dedicated to significant subject matters of Arab gown historical past - the gown code for non-Muslims, the $64000 socio-economic and political establishment of luxurious materials and clothes of honor, and the main famous and often misunderstood establishment of veiling.

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The Babylonian Talmud cites the dark gar4 Franz Altheim and Ruth Stiehl, Die Araber in der alten Welt, vol. 2 (Walter de Gruyter: Berlin, 1965), p. 227. 5 See Dussaud, La pénétration des Arabes, pp. 100-105, figs. 20-23, et passim. , repr. Beirut 1900), p. 411. My translation. The rendering in The Muqaddimah: An Introduction to History, vol. 2, trans. Franz Rosenthal (Pantheon Books: New York, 1958), p. 367, does not quite capture the sense of the original Arabic yashtamilåna ’l-athw§b ishtim§lan.

66 MuÈammad found such clothing objectionable, removed all such items from his wive’s living quarters and refused to wear garments on which images were woven. 67 Later Muslims under the great caliphates, as shall be seen, had no such scruples about wearing fine garments with 62 al-Bukh§rÊ, ‘aÈÊÈ, Kit§b al-‘al§t, b§b 2; Zayd ibn #AlÊ, Majmå# al-Fiqh [“Corpus Juris,” La Piu Anatica di Legislazione e di Giurisprudenza Musulmana Finora Ritrovata] I, ed. E. Griffini (U. Hoepli: Milan, 1919), no. 234.

In the Talmud, the cognate shÊr§ is also both a garment and the fabric. Cf. Tractates Ketubbot 63b, Shabbat 90a, and Kiddushin 32a. For some further references to this fabric in the Arab world, see R. B. Serjeant, Islamic Textiles, p. 124. 26 Georg W. Freytag, Hamasae Carmina, vol I, pt. 2 (Typis Reiis Arabicis in Fooicina Baadeni: Bonn, 1828), p. 504. , p. 383: musbil fi ’l-Èayy aÈw§ rifall. 16 chapter one Ankle-length garments were considered proper in the early umma. Shorter garments became the mark of an ascetic, longer ones the mark of a libertine.

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