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Skeeve used to be a magician's apprentice--until an murderer struck and his grasp was once killed. Now, with a purple-tongued demon named Aahz as a significant other, he is on a quest to get even.

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Rather like the needle of a compass, whatever that is. Once we had determined that Garkin had set up shop directly on a force line, as Aahz had suspected, and established direction of the flow of energies, we had another problem. Which way did we follow it? The decision was doubly important as, if Aahz was correct, there would be a team of Imp assassins waiting in one direction, very probably in the direction we wanted to go. We solved the problem by traveling one day's journey perpendicular to the force line, then for two days parallel to the line in our chosen direction, then returning to the line before continuing our journey.

That bit about tearing my throat out had me on edge again. "Or at least I was. Garkin. The one who summoned ... him!... I'm ... " "No kiddin'? " He began advancing toward me, reaching out a hand, "Pleased ta ... " As he moved toward me, I had started backing away from him. I tried to do it casually, but he had noticed. "Well... it's ... " "Yeah. " "Um ... " "Hey, relax, kid. I don't bite. " "That's right. I'm from another dimension. A dimension traveler, or demon for short. " The demon scowled.

Try to save up the questions and ask me all at one time once a day. " "Right. Now here's the situation as I see it. " "I'm sorry, Aahz. " "Right. Well... umm.... " he made his appeal to the heavens. " "Imps," I prompted. "Oh! Right. Well, if he's hiring Imps and arming them with non-spec weapons, it can only mean he's up to his old tricks. Now since I don't have my powers, I can't get out of here to sound the alarm. That's where you come in, kid.... " He was looking at me expectantly. I found I could contain my misery no longer.

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