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By Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 BCE–65 CE) used to be a Roman Stoic thinker, dramatist, statesman, and adviser to the emperor Nero, all through the Silver Age of Latin literature. the entire Works of Lucius Annaeus Seneca is a clean and compelling sequence of latest English-language translations of his works in 8 obtainable volumes. Edited by means of world-renowned classicists Elizabeth Asmis, Shadi Bartsch, and Martha C. Nussbaum, this attractive assortment restores Seneca—whose works were hugely praised by way of glossy authors from Desiderius Erasmus to Ralph Waldo Emerson—to his rightful position one of the classical writers most generally studied within the humanities.

Anger, Mercy, Revenge comprises 3 key writings: the ethical essays On Anger and On Clemency—which have been penned as suggestion for the then younger emperor, Nero—and the Apocolocyntosis, a super satire lampooning the top of the reign of Claudius. good friend and educate, in addition to thinker, Seneca welcomed the age of Nero in tones alternately severe, poetic, and comic—making Anger, Mercy, Revenge a piece simply as complex, astute, and bold as its author.

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106 That would be true if, like the arms of war, they could be taken up and put off at the judgment of the one who dons them. But these weapons that Aristotle gives to virtue fight all on their own; they don’t wait for the hand that wields them, they’re not possessed, they do the possessing. (2) There’s no need for other arms: nature has armed us sufficiently with reason, a missile that’s sure, ever ready, and obedient, neither double-edged nor capable of being sent back against its master. Reason suffices, in and of itself, not only for planning ahead but also for the conduct of affairs.

16 When it comes to restraining those who stray and commit crimes, then, there’s no need for the agent of punishment to be angry: since anger is a failure of the mind, a wrongdoer shouldn’t be the one to set wrongdoing right. “Shall I not be angry at a bandit, then? 101 “You’re still in the first stages of going wrong, and your slips aren’t serious but frequent: reproof, first in private and then published abroad, will try to correct you. You have already gone too far to be healed just by words: disgrace will keep you in check.

Indeed, what’s more worthy of indignation than the fact that certain people flourish and abuse the kindness of fortune when no fortune bad enough to suit them can be found? But the good man will regard their advantage without indignation, just as he will regard their crimes without anger: a good judge condemns things worthy of reproof, he doesn’t hate them. 105 For as Zeno says, in the wise man’s mind too the scar will 29 on anger remain even when the wound has healed. He will therefore feel some hints and shadows of the passions, but he will be free of the passions themselves.

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