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The fashion is sweet, however it used to be written sooner than the discharge of android 1.0, such a lot of examples do not particularly paintings. Very troublesome while you are now not skilled.

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2. This activity, named PrankActivity, would listen for the specific intent action sent by the PrankSMSReceiver. When it received that precise intent action, your activity would display a “gotcha” message to the victim. At the same time, the activity would send out an intent meant to start up a service. If, at any point the victim/user pressed a key on the phone, the application would exit, and the music service would be terminated. 3. The service class, called PrankService, listening for the PrankActivity’s intent, would start and begin to play an obnoxious, predefined audio file.

Take a second to pat yourself, or anyone who might happen to be within arms reach, on the back. So far, you’ve explored how to do screen layout in XML alone with the “socially awkward” splash screen. You’ve learned how to use a hybrid of the two just now with your login screen. The last stop on the Android widget express will require building onscreen layouts using code alone. 58 Android Essentials Widgets in Java When you see the amount of code I’ve written to produce even a small selectable menu, you’ll probably be, like I was, somewhat aghast.

You tell it to let its height be bounded by the size of the text by using wrap_content for the layout_height parameter. You want the text to reside in the center of the screen, so you’ll use textAlign because you’ve set its width to be the entire screen. Lastly, you’ll give it some simple text to display when the activity starts up. Later, you’ll change this text to reflect the current status. To see the results of this handiwork, simply create an activity, and set this XML layout to be the main content view.

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