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This e-book explores the main cultural different types of Forties the US - fiction and non-fiction; tune and radio; movie and theatre; critical and well known visible arts - and key texts, traits and figures, from local Son to Citizen Kane, from Hiroshima to HUAC, and from Dr Seuss to Bob wish. After discussing the dominant principles that tell the Nineteen Forties the e-book culminates with a bankruptcy at the 'culture of war'. instead of splitting the last decade at 1945, Jacqueline Foertsch argues persuasively that the Nineteen Forties will be taken as a complete, looking for hyperlinks among wartime and postwar American tradition

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Supporting the sixteen million troops eventually deployed were millions of workers and volunteers in the defence industries – weapons, transport, material comfort, even entertainment. Even those retired, unemployed, or of school age did their part through rubber, metal, and newspaper drives and, of course, through sacrifice of their loved ones – almost half a million Americans killed and 670,000 wounded – to the voracious military machine. The traditionally ‘unemployable’ sectors – white middleclass women, poor whites, Americans of colour, and the physically impaired – had opportunities for meaningful, lucrative work.

While some researchers in the post-war era continued to comply with military demands, others took the opportunity to speak against nuclear arms build-up, to establish a civilian oversight committee that became known as the Atomic Energy Commission, and to push for the information sharing that would internationalise atomic technology. As Jessica Wang observes, Project scientists were ‘pushed out of their complacency by images of nuclear devastation’. 63 In 1945, a group of these scientists, led by Eugene Rabinowitch and Hyman Goldsmith, founded the still-in-print Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a bimonthly, non-technical magazine that assesses the global threat posed by nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction.

11 For Mumford, Hitler capitalised on the ‘modern cult of the machine’,12 specifically the military machine, to produce legions of robotic ‘sub-men’13 whereby his autocratic powers could be exponentially disseminated. 14 Mumford and Fromm provided similarly disparaging opinions of the strategy of appeasement, most famously demonstrated in the Munich Agreement of 1938, by which British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, in an effort to maintain ‘peace in our time’, signed over to Hitler the strategic territory of the Czech Sudetenland.

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