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Westfall By nature I am incurably empirical. Faced with the assignment to contribute to a book on the springs of scientific creativity, I turned spontaneously to a specific example. I offer no excuse, however, for I am convinced that the entire history of science affords no other example of a creative leap forward equal to that made by Newton in the period of two and a half years that culminated in the publication of the Principia. If we can find the springs of scientific creativity anywhere, surely we can find them here.

Similarly a body moving in a circular orbit always maintains the same relation to the center about which it turns. From such perceptions emerged the idea of circular motion as an implicit equilibrium. A body constrained to move in a circle, seventeenth- NEWTON'S DEVELOPMENT OF PRINCIPIA 23 century students of mechanics said, tends to recede from the center. Christiaan Huygens coined the phrase "centrifugal force," literally force fleeing the center, to express this tendency. It was understood by Huygens and by everyone else that if a body does in fact move in a circle, the centrifugal force must be opposed.

G. Adler and B. L. Coulter papers cited above. Other hand-hold positions seemed to offer difficulties in achieving simultaneous release. 32. This sequence is actually from the preliminary trials, before the recording of the data summarized above. It was chosen to illustrate an experimental run because of its photographic quality; the phenomena correspond to those in the recorded runs in every way. 33. The greater rebound comes from the effort of holding the heavier ball. 34. A full account of the complex network of engineers, artists, mathematicians, scholars, and others who knew each other and passed information around both by the written 20 THOMAS B.

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Albert Einstein and the creative act : the case of special relativity by Stanley Goldberg

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