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Is the method of political communications by way of the inside track media and by way of events accountable for civic malaise? A Virtuous Circle units out to problem the traditional knowledge that it truly is. in keeping with a comparative exam of the function of the inside track media and events in postindustrial societies, this learn argues that instead of mistakenly "blaming the messenger" we have to comprehend and confront extra deep-rooted flaws within the structures of consultant democracy.

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In order to preserve the conditions for civil rights and political liberties, we assume that the news media should act on behalf of the public as a watchdogholding government officials accountable. To see how well the news media fulfill this function, we can ask the following: • To what extent do the news media provide independent, fair, and effective scrutiny of the government and public officials? The most effective way to explore this issue is with historical case studies describing the role of the news media in classic examples of the abuse of power, public scandal, and government corruption, to see how far journalists have acted fairly and independently in the public interest to hold officials to account.

Third, we assume that the news media should provide citizens with political information at a variety of different levels, ranging from the most technical and thorough details to the most simple accounts. The reason is that citizens come to politics with different backgrounds, interests, and cognitive skills. Some may seek detailed policy briefings and analysis, provided by journals such as The Economist, newspapers like the New York Times, or radio programs like the BBC World Service News Hour.

Internal diversity preserves pluralism, even with a restricted choice of newspapers within a particular market. The monopoly once enjoyed by public broadcasters meant that most emphasized the need for strict partisan balance in news coverage, especially during election campaigns. 11 The typical story in this regard tends to present one party's policy proposals or record, followed by a rebuttal from opponents, in a familiar 'on the one hand, and on the other' sort of format. 12 Many broadcasters seek to ensure that the major parties or candidates are given equal, or proportional, airtime during election campaigns.

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