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Among both Kets and Selkups (like their Samoyed and Ugrian neighbours) tribes were divided into two moieties for purposes of exogamy. Selkup clans bore animal, bird, or fish names - bear, raven, swan, capercaillie, perch etc. - and their practice of taming birds, including eagles, and keeping them in captivity is taken as evidence of their totemic significance. The religious beliefs of the Selkups and Kets, involving the propitiation of nature-spirits, were typical of Siberian shamanism. Among them the special 21 22 23 Dolgikh, RoJqpqy i pkmnmoy sostav, pp.

31. In the same spirit the native inhabitants of Westem Siberia are said to have seen the Russian invaders as allies against the 'Taw feudal lords' - RN. Ponomarev, Istoriyo SSSR, vol. 11, p. 340. H Sibinkiya Ietopisi, W. ; Solovyov, Istoriyo Rossii, vol. Ill, pp. 6<)1-2, 6<)7--<), 701; vol N, W· 27cr81. IS Sibinhyo Ietopisi, p. 367. 33 A HISTORY OF THE PEOPLES OF SIBERIA soldiers usually described as Cossacks in the conquest of Siberia was in reality one of ruthlessness and arbitrary violence.

Some of the Mansi and Khanty kingdoms which had been strongly influenced by the Tatars and to some extent Islamicised, to judge by the names of their leaders - Yusup, Al-Seit etc. - put up a determined upposition. ), who commanded a strategic position on the most-used route across the Urals, refused to submit until a Russian fort was built on the Lozva in 1590 and his warriors were overwhelmed. Ablegirim and his family were taken to Moscow as hostages, and a Russian town was built on the site of his fort to keep the Pelym land in subjection.

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