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By Gregor Hutton

ISBN-10: 0955994500

ISBN-13: 9780955994500

This high-octane Science-Fiction role-playing video game for two or extra avid gamers has your house soldiers killing insects all around the Cosmos. You’ll develop in rank, increase your guns, slay civilization after civilization and discover who you're via an leading edge “Flashback” mechanic.

Terra’s plan is to kill each dwelling factor within the Universe to guard the house international. See the place your travel of responsibility within the 3:16th Expeditionary strength takes you and your pals. enjoy the kill-happy machismo and revel in a crusade of Carnage among The Stars.

3:16 is a Science-Fiction role-playing online game approximately Carnage among The Stars.

  • Take your squad of kill-happy soldiers and annihilate bugs!
  • Low guidance, based online game system.
  • Delivers constructing crusade play.
  • Lavishly illustrated and designed book.
  • Winner of a excessive Ronny Award for video games layout for the unique version.
  • ENnie Awards (2009) nominee
  • Indie RPG Awards (2008) video game of the 12 months (2nd), top creation (2nd), top help (3rd), Innovation (3rd)
  • "3:16 is one helluva kick-ass game" - Joe J. Prince, writer of Contenders
    "Fantastic, lovely design" - Ron Edwards, writer of Sorcerer

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    Cracking out a Cancer Stick and saying something witty? I wouldn’t necessarily go straight into an encounter here with a Dominance roll. See where the players take the story first. If they do nothing then have it be an attack. However, if they role-play out something else then have that lead you to the encounter. This is the ‘platform’, it is static. You have just set the scene so far. Now we pause, and then add a ‘tilt’ to propel it into motion. 5. What has just happened? I would recommend the following tips.

    Its new profile is below. Note that Grant’s Energy Rifle can’t be improved any further until another mission has passed. ENERGY RIFLE d6 d10 If a PC meets these criteria then they can be a target for demotion. Another PC can nominate the target PC, as long as they meet those two criteria. A PC can only be targeted once between missions. 1 After a further mission Trooper Grant chooses to improve the Energy Rifle at Close Range again. Its new profile is below. ENERGY RIFLE d10 d10 The nominator and the target both then make a test of NFA.

    Change it up to give a rhythm to the game session. If the Troopers are hunting bugs you might want to drip feed them a few low-Threat encounters then smash them with a bigger challenge later. Maybe you then push low-Threat encounters their way again before building to a big finale. The ones where you choose AA based on the highest attribute in the group will give tough challenges on early missions, but less pronounced challenges on later missions. So, you should aim to use these early if you want to make a planet hard for the group.

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